Monday, 29 August 2011

Dream come true

It has been a two and a half year experience, that has pushed and pulled my emotions, creating a learning curve that I could have never experience on any movie set.

In May 2009, I released my short film 'Shooter' into the festival circuit, and with only my limited festival experience gained from working with Basil Khalil, and our feature documentary 'Replay Revenge', the film was to take me on a journey that I could never in a lifetime, hope to experience.  And boy, did I have to start learning, and start learning fast.

If you read this blog from December 2009, it will give you the full story. Start here

My dream of screening my work, was becoming a reality, and to be frank, I didn't think it would make it all the way, as I was competing and networking with the most incredible film makers from all over the world, the competition was and will always be very tough.

So I celebrate this week, with a smile, and a big thank you, to everyone who was either fully involved with 'Shooter' or helped to push the film with social networking, and thanks also to the great festival curators that I was able to meet and the festivals that I was able to attend, also the incredible review sites that took on the task of writing such magnificent reviews about  'Shooter'. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart:)

So, this month, August 2011, ShortsTV broadcasts 'Shooter', with AT&T, DirecTV and DISH, having already broadcast on SKY, and with 3 radio broadcasts to it's credit, I can honestly say, my film production dream has come true.

I am concentrating on creating new material from this date on, and I do hope you continue to view the new stories that I have created and will be creating, with more news to come very soon.

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