Monday, 31 January 2011

Cinehouse: REVIEW: Ronnie B. Goodwin's Short 'The Shooter'

A fantastic review for 'Shooter' from Cinehouse
Cinehouse: REVIEW: Ronnie B. Goodwin's Short 'The Shooter'

So the first month of 2011 has been very productive as far as the reviews are concerned, with no negative responses at all. Now lets hope someone can see the potential, and help out by getting on board with the next projects. If you are interested, drop me a line.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Celluloid Heroes review 'Shooter'

It's been a while since my last post, well to be frank, I have been busy making new conceptual ideas come to life, and not had a lot of time to write about the specifics.

So firstly, Yesterday the 26th Jan 2010, I did a Skype interview with Celluloid Heroes, hosted by Ed Prior and Jack Pelling. You can hear the show at this link Celluloid Heroes
There is a short clip of the show or you can tune in and listen around the 1hour 12 minute mark
And what an honour it was to be the first Film Maker to be interviewed on the show, as I listen back, I can hear myself sniffing a lot, just getting over a cold:)

Yesterday I was also selected for the Sony Production Awards with a short film that I made for their themed competition called Fusion, now this one needs some of you to participate in, in other words I need your votes to help me win the audience award, her is the link

Maybe, if you are reading this, you may be alble to help me. I am looking to get in touch with the AD Tommy Gormley, if anyone knows how I can get in touch, please private mail me at ronniegoodwin"at", thanks

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

First Review for 'Shooter'

How exciting to wake this morning, 4 days into 2011, and I get my first review on Flickering Myth, a site dedicated to reviewing films of all genres, and my wee film 'Shooter' has managed to get a mention, you can see the review here. Also got a great mention on Live for Films

I have always wondered what it would be like to be reviewed, and really is a bit daunting, as you read all sorts of material written about peoples work. But this one has made me very happy, and will be treasured. Thanks Flickering Myth, made my day.

Off to Helensburgh to a meeting with Peter Montgomery, and he happily handed me a DVD copy of the master of 'Carter's Nightmare', his second feature film to date, I was so excited about seeing it, as I am usually immersed in the post production process, but with this film, Peter was at the helm. You can watch the making of clips and film sequences HERE

The film runs 1hr 21mins and looks great, has a good pace to it, and as I started taking notes, I found my self in the story, and chuckling away at some of the witty one liners. His work on the composites is also great with a very cinematic feel to the whole production process, it makes me wonder what kind of world beating material could be produced if we had money behind us, so if anyone reading this would like more information on what is being made and what has been achieved in the last 2 years, please drop me a line at and subject (indiefilm).

This afternoon I got a call from a guy, who simply said, I have made a script, would you like to read it, I said, OK, he appeared at my door, handed me the 102 page script, and I am going to read it in the morning, I will post details later.

Meanwhile all is good on the film and ad production front, could do with a paying job for a while, freelance compositing or second unit DP, even DOP, so if you need something made, drop me a line.