Wednesday, 28 April 2010


So the film was received very well in California, at the Lake Arrowhead film festival, it didn't win, but it did have a full house, that's a tick in the box.

Today the film took to the sky's and headed off to New Jersey in the USA, and to my mothers home land in the Netherlands for a festival in Leiden, with a opportunity to screen in St Petersburg, in Russia, very very exciting, I hope they like it, and lets hope I can get the chance to visit these amazing places.

In two weeks time Paul and I are off to Wales for 4 days to compete in the Swansea Bay Film Festival, where Shooter is nominated for best short film under five minutes. You can see Michael Sheen introducing the festival HERE

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Loch Ness film festival

Loch Ness Film Festival has selected 'Shooter' to screen in September, great news.
I had just been to the printers to get the poster updated for California and Swansea Bay, and had to stop the print to get the new Official Selection added, 3 weeks till Swansea Bay, so will be sending the poster electronically to Lake Arrowhead. This kind of thing would have been impossible to do without the net.

So I will be bringing Paul hunter with me to Loch Ness for the festival, where we are hoping to talk a little about the film and how we got to this point in our journey.

This morning I was shooting an Osprey at the Carman Fishery, waited and waited, cold and miserable, waited a bit more, and nothing, not a peep. so I will go again tomorrow. Hopeful put up the footage soon.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


yup, the Icelandic Volcano has caused a lot of disruption, I cant go to California to the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, where my short film 'Shooter' is screening, shame really, but glad that the airlines are doing the right thing, and today I went outside for a moment, and the air smelled cleaner, or is it just me,,,

I wrote to Gregor Narholz, the composer of the music on 'Shooter', and he said he may go to Lake Arrowhead to see the screening of the film, so I asked the festival to allocate my ticket to him. He will be representing the film, fingers crossed...