Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Delray Beach Film Festival 2010 results

Director Michael Posner and his team of dedicated volunteers have wrapped another successful Film Festival. In addition to a Script To Reel Contest, local filmmakers day, golf tournament, beach cleanup, and Kid’s Day, they also gave out a slew of awards to participating filmmakers and icons in the industry.

I copied this from the Delray Film Festival Site, where a short while ago I got the news that 'Shooter' came runner up in the festival, I'm very happy with that, and now I have the daunting prospect of updating all the paper work, think I will get some sleep first, and do it in the morning.


Monday, 22 March 2010

Waiting patiently

The first days of spring are here, yes it's raining, but a little warmer. Soon we will be out with the little crew making stories come to life.

Announced in an email, I find that 'SHOOTER' has been listed in the Britfilms Catalogue, now that is seriously cool, very proud. Now I need to find some work.

Keeping it short today

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Pain in the Neck

Yes, That's right, I have a pain in my neck, no matter, I can still type.

Yesterday, I did 3 hours of Lecturing at my old college, it was nice to meet Chris Fry's art students, and talk about the film.

Today I entered Shooter into the Jim Poole Film Festival and Soho Short, and I guess it will be a while before I post any news.

The film also screens in 1 week, at the Delray Beach Film Festival, I wont be attending, much to my disappointment, too expensive to travel at the moment. The film is also screening at The Lake Arrowhead Festival the following month, lets see how expensive the flights are then. I have to bring in a sponsor I reckon to help with travel, If you are interested then drop me a line.

Just heard that one of my favourite shorts 'Cigarette Candy', just nailed best short film at SXSW , very happy for Lauren. I met her briefly at the Palm Springs Shorts Festival in 2009, where we screened together in the 'War and Remembrance' section of the competition.

I will be posting more news shortly.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

On a wee roll

This morning I received the news that 'Shooter' has Official Selection at the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, California in April, I feel that I am definitely on a wee roll. It is very encouraging to know that festival are appreciating the work.
Click on the Lake Arrowhead Logo to see their site

Monday, 8 March 2010

Official Selelction at the Delray Beach Film Festival 2010

'Shooter' is in Official Selection at the Delray Beach Film Festival 2010, and we are very excited to hear this. If you click on the Delray Laurel it will take you to there Official web site, where you can see the film selections for this year.
Now I have to work on getting there to represent the film, and of course getting the publicity to them on time for the screening.
With 'Shooter' also being selected in NY, I would like to try and combine the trip with other business, and other festivals, looks like a busy few months ahead.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

"Shooter's" Journey, March 2010

It has been an incredible year for my short film "Shooter", and there are new events, every couple of days, very exciting, yet daunting.

Shooter's results 2009/10

Best of Festival: Swansea Bay Film Festival 2010
Winner: The Heart of England International Film Festival 2009
Winner: International Film Festival Ireland 2009
Winner: International Film Festival of South Africa 2009

Jury Nomination: The Heartland Film Society Festival 2009

Official Selection: Palm Springs Shorts Festival 2009
Official Selection: Cannes Short Film Corner 2009
Official Selection: Notting Hill Film Festival 2009
Official Selection: Caught Short Film Festival Edinburgh 2009
Official Selection: Edinburgh Film Festival Videotheque 2009
Official Selection: Delray Beach Film Festival 2010
Official Selection: Deep Fried Film Festival 2010
Official Selection: New Filmmakers Spring 2010
Official Selection: International Film Festival Thailand 2010
Official Selection: Lake Arrowhead Film Festival 2010
Official Selection: Leith Film Festival 2010
Official Selection: Lochness Film Festival 2010

Written by Ronnie B Goodwin/Paul Hunter
Director Ronnie B Goodwin
Producer Basil Khalil
D.O.P. Ronnie B Goodwin
Editor Ronnie B Goodwin
Compositor Ronnie B Goodwin
3D Animation Ronnie B Goodwin
Music Gregor Harholz
Cast Paul Hunter