Saturday, 21 May 2011

COMPETITION, Hosted by Ultimate Review

Kristine King
You won the 'Shooter' competition
Hosted by Ultimate Reviews, and thank you guys for all the help
Hosted by Ultimate Review web site, answer the questions and win Shooter merchandise

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ultimate Review of Shooter

To reflect on the reviews that Shooter has received since January, all the reviewers and sites respectfully, have been amazing with their responses and choice of words that have contributed to the short films quest. Today I received a review from Ultimate Review , written by Raghav Modi, and my goodness, it almost knocked me off my feet, it contributed to me burning my dinner, and I had a tear in my eye when I finished reading it, about 8 times:) I wont quote anything from the site as you should read it yourself, but I do have to say, that when a film maker reads this kind of thing about their work, it only makes you more determined to produce better and more personal work, and to read the words 'great piece of cinema' only makes my journey more joyous. I am smiling from ear to ear, at my laptop, in the dark, all alone :(
Thanks to the reviewers for everything said, I won't forget.

The Ultimate Review Site 

Ultimate Review sent me a series of questions to be published on their site, read the interview here
Ronnie B Goodwin Ultimate Review Interview

Friday, 6 May 2011

News Just in

Shorts International have just informed me that 'Shooter' has broadcast on Turkish STV, brilliant news, and the short is currently in the process of being prepared for US ShortsHD channel and France, very pleased.
Interesting to find out that ShortsHD launched yesterday on DirecTV, I will update news as it comes in.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Taking some time out

This last couple of years has been the most amazing trip I have experienced in my life, with one of my short films travelling the world, and a number of my creative designs and movies moving forward. With a new script being developed and some other projects on the horizon, all looks very encouraging. However, even though I feel I am moving in the right direction, there are always down moments, and they supersede everything at the moment.

So when a friend of mine from NYC dropped an email to say she and a friend were on there way to visit Scotland, I was quick to say, I will happily take a couple of days out, and be your guide and driver.

So the road trip began.  We travelled to Culag the same morning that Heidi and Rocio arrived, and within an hour they were on the seaplane, taking a short flight to the Cameron House on Loch Lomond, I picked them up in the car and from there we headed to Tarbet, where we met Caroline selling her ice cream from here mobile ice cream bicycle, delicious.

The sun was splitting the sky's, and then it was the long haul drive all the way up to Drumnadrochit, at the top of Lochness, we were to meet my good friend Ro Goodwin there, but we missed each other by a couple or three hours, oops, sorry Ro, next time. So we proceeded on to a hotel where we were going to see the Loch Ness Monster. The scenery didn't let us down, just magnificent.

The next day we headed to Balmoral Estate to visit my sister, friends, and Wee Walker:), for lunch and a bit of sight seeing, where we were witness to the brush fires in their infancy, it was like watching the early morning harr coming in from the sea, but it was climbing over the mountain, very strange sight, very beautiful, but also very frightening and menacing.

We were volunteering to help my sister put the fire out, I am so glad we didn't now, as they have been fighting the fire for 2 days.

So, off again to St Andrews, and I must say with the sun out, and the sea air, I was slightly blown away with this little town, and I feel I should go for another visit soon.  Then Glamis Castle for a brief tour, and back to Bowling for my meeting at the BBC. A great couple of days away with good friends, great food, sun and some amazing little moments that won't be forgotten, thanks you guys for a great vacation:)