Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Margaret Tait Awards 2012

It's Wednesday the 21st of March 2012, and the last few days have been amazing, With great results from the short film 'Happy Tears', Directed by Ro J Goodwin and me shooting the film, to the news that my short film 'FLY a Legacy' has Official Selection at the Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes, and then a few minutes ago I get an email from Corinne Orton from the Margaret Tait Awards to say I have been nominated for the award, just wonderful
Off to the Scotland Directs meeting tonight at the BBC, spent a whole year going there once a month, networking with established directors, and listening to golden nuggets they had to share, magic.

April the 4th and URTV, Helensburgh TV, aired a spot on there news programme about 'FLY a Legacy' at 2mins 30secs

Monday, 19 March 2012

Festival de Cannes 2012 Short Film Corner

First thing this morning, I got up and ventured to my favourite retreat, I cast my fly and caught a lump of a rainbow trout, at that moment I knew today was going to be a bit special, you know when you get that feeling.
I got home to read the message I have been waiting for, from the Festival de Cannes, I was very apprehensive about opening it, as the result could determine which direction my future films would take, and as I opened the email, I quickly scanned down to find the word, rejected or not accepted, and all I could find was 'After viewing your film, we are glad to inform you that your film has been accepted at this years Festival de Cannes 2012, short film corner'
My heart almost jumped out of my chest.
So for the last few hours since receiving this message, things have started to move again. My sponsor, 'Orvis', are extremely happy with the news, and of course the F3t tour, where 'FLY a Legacy' on its US theatrical tour. So Good:)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The beginning of 2012

The beginning of 2012 was very slow, with applications and administration of all past events taking priority, leaving me little time and rotten weather.

So the latest news to this date is very exciting, with 'Happy Tears', a short film that Ro J Goodwin directed and I shot during the Christmas period, taking 4 nominations and 1 win at the FilmG awards on the 9th March 2012. Congratulations go out to young Orla who won the best Performance accolade at the awards night.
A short clip shot on my compact camera

 A brief update on the development of 'FLY a Legacy': The F3t Fly Fishing Film Tour is in full swing across the USA, and with a little hiccup to deal with at the beginning of the tour, all is now good, and Chris Keig has been updating the F3t Facebook site with wonderful posts on how well the theatrical tour is performing, you can find links and further stories on the right of this page. Also waiting patiently for word from the Cannes Short Film Corner, should hear any day, and of course this will determine whether or not a trip to the biggest film market on the planet is going to happen

'Shooter' is still broadcasting, generating interest, and debate, which in my book is good and healthy.

'King' has been entered into many 1 minute festivals around the world, and at the end of March results should start to slowly come in. Fingers and toes crossed.

I have been posting my photographs lately, and quite a number of enquiries have been received about how to obtain copies of the images, so, in the gallery above, there are a few pictures that are available for download and printing, there are also many more on my Facebook page, just friend me:) I will be adding more.
So if you would like a copy, then email me at with subject  'Ronnie's Photos' then tell me which picture you would like, and I will send you a large high resolution file of the image, which you can have printed and framed.
I have added a Donate Button on this blog should you order a picture, then a donation is appreciated.