Monday, 19 March 2012

Festival de Cannes 2012 Short Film Corner

First thing this morning, I got up and ventured to my favourite retreat, I cast my fly and caught a lump of a rainbow trout, at that moment I knew today was going to be a bit special, you know when you get that feeling.
I got home to read the message I have been waiting for, from the Festival de Cannes, I was very apprehensive about opening it, as the result could determine which direction my future films would take, and as I opened the email, I quickly scanned down to find the word, rejected or not accepted, and all I could find was 'After viewing your film, we are glad to inform you that your film has been accepted at this years Festival de Cannes 2012, short film corner'
My heart almost jumped out of my chest.
So for the last few hours since receiving this message, things have started to move again. My sponsor, 'Orvis', are extremely happy with the news, and of course the F3t tour, where 'FLY a Legacy' on its US theatrical tour. So Good:)


  1. Congrats Ronnie. How long did you have to wait before you had a response?

  2. I applied on the day it opened, and I got an email 2 days ago, this was about 3 weeks later, it still isn't on the catalogue yet. Are you waiting?

  3. Yes I am. I registered the day it opened but couldn't upload my film until Monday. The waiting truly is the hardest part.

  4. let me know how you get on. Your post comes up as anonymous, what is your name?

  5. thanks, it's Lindsey. Congrats again.