Saturday, 20 November 2010

Birthday with family

I travelled North on Thursday the 18th of November to spend the night in Pitlochry with Mum, this gave us the chance to catch up with events in the recent past, also to give Mums laptop a wee bit of maintenance.

Mum has signed up to Facebook, hope she doesn't get too confused as it can be a bit daunting to new users.

Spent the next day with family at the Pitlochry Theatre for a nice feed and a giggle, also a good chance to listen to some of Sylvia's tales from her trip to Australia. Good times.

Very excited when I checked my emails to see literally hundreds of well wishes from people I know and have met recently during the film festival circuit, very uplifting, so thanks to all that sent there messages from all over the world, magnificent...

So now it is time to get on with the next film project, I will reveal all soon

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Radio Broadcast for Short Film 'Shooter'

On the 26th August, I recorded a brief interview with David Wilkie at the Heartland FM studio in Pitlochery, really excited to hear that 'Shooter' and my interview, will be broadcast on Heartland FM 97.5fm radio

The schedule is:

Bruce Patterson who presents our weekday morning programmes, will broadcast "Shooter" soundtrack just after the 11am news next Thursday, 11th November 2010.

David Wilkie will be presenting the Remembrance Day theme on the Sunday morning programme from 8 to 9am on November 14th. He will broadcast my interview about half-way through the programme, and "Shooter" soundtrack afterwards.

Very exciting times for short film, and if you have ever heard of an entire FILM track being broadcast on radio, then I would like to hear about it

My new reel for 2010 is here, Ronnie B Goodwin Reel 2010

Thursday, 4 November 2010

It's the 4th of November, this morning I received a certificate from

I competed in the Mofilm Chevrolet Ad Campaign in Rome about 6 weeks ago, and was short-listed in the finals. The certificate is a great form of recognition as the competitive field for Mofilm is extremely high.

Mofilm Quote: Mofilm helps aspiring film makers make ads for big brands. These videos are displayed on mobile, online, social networks and traditional marketing channels.

I will continue to compete with Mofilm, as the on-line content is easily accessible after signing up, and it can also be followed on FB and Twitter.

If you don't have your copy of 'Shooter', then click on the Indieflix Icon

Exciting Digital Content Times :)