Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Loch Ness film festival

Loch Ness Film Festival has selected 'Shooter' to screen in September, great news.
I had just been to the printers to get the poster updated for California and Swansea Bay, and had to stop the print to get the new Official Selection added, 3 weeks till Swansea Bay, so will be sending the poster electronically to Lake Arrowhead. This kind of thing would have been impossible to do without the net.

So I will be bringing Paul hunter with me to Loch Ness for the festival, where we are hoping to talk a little about the film and how we got to this point in our journey.

This morning I was shooting an Osprey at the Carman Fishery, waited and waited, cold and miserable, waited a bit more, and nothing, not a peep. so I will go again tomorrow. Hopeful put up the footage soon.

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