Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Reviews and Dynamo

Another fine review has been posted on Jack L Review Site for my short film, and once again I am so happy with the response that the film is receiving, each review has hit on element that I never even considered within the films story or structure, very encouraging.If you would like to review 'Shooter', drop me a line and I will arrange a screening.

I was also contacted by James Adkin a film making friend who runs Virtus Productions and he posted a juicy little link to Shooter's trailer, and this blog site, James wrote this great piece about 'Shooter'

"It was late last year when I was first made aware of Ronnie B. Goodwin. I noticed a poster for a film he had directed and was intrigued by its content. The film, entitled ‘Shooter’ tells the story of how people effected by human conflict, re-adjust, as best they can, to normal life.
The effort and passion put towards this film are evident from the start. No aspect of the story is overlooked and the images are rich detail.
Few films are able to capture the beauty and innocence of the Scottish landscape, few films are able to tell a story that affects so many, yet is known about by so few, ‘Shooter’ however does both and so much more…More of the same please Mr Goodwin" 

I have added a new player to the header of this blog. It is the Dynamo Player, which allows me the opportunity to sell my film without handing it to second and even third parties, which basically leaves the film maker with not a lot at the end of the day, this system allows me to market the film and have a few more pennies in my pocket than the other distribution models, not that there is anything wrong with them, it's only very difficult to create a revenue stream when you have to wait for six months between any payment, if any:) So I feel I have to at least give Dynamo the benefit of the doubt and give it a try. Currently I am looking at how to make the Dynamo system work with IMDB, any thoughts?

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