Sunday, 6 February 2011

Prague and Mofilm

How exciting, Shooter has just been invited to screen at BIO OKO ( in Prague

iShorts Evenings are organised by FAMU students and present amazing Czech and foreign short films.

"After going through the British Films 2011 catalogue that we got from Britfilms, I must say that me and my colleagues from iShorts programme are intrigued by your film Shooter "

Up to this point in the short films career, 'Shooter'  has probably been to more places and travelled more extensively than I have, quite jealous of it actually. Maybe I am just getting a little stir crazy.

The results for Mofilm are out and this time, no joy with the 2 short ads that I sent to them, the competition was extremely tough this time round, with over 1000 shorts in competition. Still, it was a terrific way of producing new, quick projects over the winter months, keeping the creative juices flowing, and experimenting with new techniques. I will be posting the films in about 6 weeks time. 

Also, January proved to be an excellent month for movie reviews, and I have had my share, they are listed below.
To be reviewed in amongst films like Black Swan, The Kings Speech and True Grit, is truly awesome.
Thanks to, Flickering Myth, Celluloid Heroes, Cinehouse, Live for Films and Eternity of Dream 

Another review from David A.Calder, this one came as a complete surprise, he connected with me through face book, and told me he had watched Shooter on, and as I was getting our profiles up to date, I noticed he had posted a link to his blog and this is what he wrote, David A.Calder

I got a very short but amazing email from Lloyd Kaufman, he said 'The Shooter is great', that was it, short n sweet, but extremely exciting to receive a cool email from this legend of a man.

The weather has been a real problem the last couple of weeks, with very dark days and huge gale forced winds, it has relegated my camera to a dusty patch on the floor, however this morning, the birds are singing, and the wind has stopped its raging. Fresh start...

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