Saturday, 26 February 2011

Moving Forward

For a long time, I have been pushing my career, and the way things are developing with my film projects and scripts, things are moving forward. 

This morning, I drove out on a beautiful day to Luss, to put the poster for Shooter up, at the Luss Tourist Centre, where Dane the minister has agreed to show the film in the centres little cinema. I met him during the winter months to prepare for screening, and now looking forward to the film screening for tourist that pass through Luss.

Yesterday, I met with Steve Mackay, who runs his production company Red Zebra, a like minded film maker from Edinburgh, we had a great meeting with lunch, and a never ending torrent of ideas that kept flowing, very exciting, and enjoyable. It's great to talk about these ideas without people looking at you as if you are some kind of crazed lunatic. One word, Productive.

A couple of days ago, Eddie Millar, who you may have remembered from an earlier post, dropped by to get me up to speed with his development. He has now stepped up to the digital age, and ventured onto the highway of knowledge, in other words, he bought a laptop:) He is now registered with Withoutabox, the awesome tool for film and script, that gives you instant access to the world festival circuit with your script of film. So we loaded his script, 'Woke up Banged up' onto the system, and he is currently studying the festivals listed.

Basil Khalil from Code 81 Films, informed me last night that Shooter has been delivered to iShort in Prague, iShorts Evenings are organised by FAMU students and present amazing Czech and foreign short films. Basil also sent a script this morning called 'A Gaza Week', which I am very excited about, and will spend the dark hours of the weekend reading, and hopefully not writing notes, more of this to come soon.

No word from Peter Mullan, after the chance meeting at the FilmG awards last week, I guess he is really busy, so may be a while before he gets a chance to see the film, fingers crossed.

Paul Hunter has just informed me that one of his short films is ready for the festivals, so I will need to spend a little time with him and the withoutabox service, great stuff.

The Dynamo system that is embedded at the top of this blog, is proving to be a great resource, as I can follow the amount of times that people look at the link, and even break it down to the countries that they come from, so currently, after 4 days, I have people from 10 different countries looking at the film, very exciting times.

Thanks to all these review sites for the great work they put into writing very in depth pieces on such a short film.
Flickering Myth
Cinehouse Review
Eternity of Dream
Live for Films
Celluloid Heroes
David Calder
Jack L Film Reviews
Virtus Productions
Suspend Your Disbelief
Terra King
Brett Gerry Films

I managed to get the film reviewer Robbie Collin to look at Shooter, using Facebook, and he wrote this

"Hey - just had a chance to look at this - loving your work! The sequence with the seaplane especially I thought was excellent - some really nice compositions there. And you have a great voice for v/o. Sadly I've got no space to review shorts in the paper thanks to the constant churn of features on wide release, but please stay in touch and do give me a shout if you're ever up to anything that might work for a NoW piece".

I hope you don't mind me copying and pasting this into my blog Robbie, but it is a great little review never the less, Ta.

Should you want to review 'Shooter', please email me at ronniegoodwin(at) and I will arrange an on line screening.


  1. The main thing is moving forward in the art/business you work in, just like in the title to this post. Keep up with the great work!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comment Lesya, there are some great opportunities out there, just need to work hard to make them happen:)