Sunday, 21 February 2010

Under water filming

February 21st 2010, a lovely crisp Sunday morning, and I am off to Kilcreggan, to film some under water sequences for Robert Bell. He has made a documentary over a year, studying and following the life of a family of swans from egg to fledgling, Titled: 'A Swans Chronicle'. He asked me to shoot the swans from under the water, making some interesting and quality sequences to fill the feeding sections of the film.
We didn't have to break the ice on the water, but it was still cold enough to shock your skin into thinking that your body had stopped working, so it was probably about 12 minutes of footage to get the 20 seconds of material, then a quick dash back to
the house, bacon sandwich and a cup of tea, sorted. We reviewed the footage to find that we had captured some quality moments, I guess we could call it a successful shoot.

On the way to Roberts, I passed Loch Lomond, Which was frozen over, the first time that I had ever seen this spectacle

The day before I was working for Peter Montgomery, he needed a few lines and some extra characters for his horror sci-fi movie 'The Blood', so we shot a bunch of material against the green screen and bobs your uncle, we had a small army of one man:)

On March the first, I am expecting a bunch of results to come in from festivals all over the world for 'Shooter', I'll keep you posted.

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