Sunday, 14 February 2010

Exciting times

Yes, these are exciting times, there seems to be a lot of festivals coming in 2010, and Shooter is taking part in many of them, from Swansea Bay, Delray Beach, NewFilmakers NY, IFF Thailand and of coures The Deep Fried Film Festival, and these are the Official Selection Festivals, I am still waiting in anticipation for responses to another dozen festivals.

Yesterday I was notified by the Egypt film festival that they have had to cancel the event due to the venue being renovated, so the film was given the option of competing in next years Egypt event or choosing another festival from there list of events, and now Shooter is screening in Thailand.

Spent the day with my Mum yesterday, went for a drive and did a little shopping, good times.

Recently I have been using Facebook to involve the people I know, with the NewFilmmakers Festival site, by linking Shooters page with other FB users I have managed to keep the film in the forefront by having people visit the site, this should encourage others to view the trailer and hopefully buy tickets to the screening in NYC on the 2nd of June 2010.

A couple of days ago I was shooting a shooting scene with Peter Montgomery for his film 'The Blood', Ro Goodwin came all the way down from Invergordon to shoot about 4 seconds of footage from 2 cameras, the shots can be seen here. He did a fantastic job, even though the task was very daunting, as he had to wear an armoured plate with explosive blood packs, (squibs) on his torso. Nice job Ro. The finnished cut can be viewed at Kezadrone

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