Sunday, 28 February 2010

Man Flu

Yes its official, I have man flu, and it sucks, so I have spent almost all day between the couch and the kitchen, turned off the telly and put the radio on for a change, slept like a baby.
I was wakened by someone on the radio talking about something that was just a string of words that made absolutely no sense whatsoever, and I had to sit up and switch it off, what a load of tosh.

So I checked my emails, expecting nothing but junk as it is a Sunday. The usual rubbish is there, and a wee note from the Swansea Bay International Film Festival, telling me to check the list for the 2010 nominations, so I did, and low and behold, Shooter is in there, yipeeee.

Now I have to go modify all the flyers, posters, short film depot and withoutabox sites. So my Sunday is busy all of a sudden, no more man flu, so I guess the cure is keep busy.

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