Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Spent Christmas with the family in the North, the snow was deep, the food was great and the company was the best.

However, there was still work to do, the horses needed more attention than usual, with all the water supplies, bar one, totally frozen, meant moving water by hand and quad bike to all the drinking places on the estate, and in the freezing conditions, I could feel the sting on my face as we moved water around the glen. It gave me rosy cheeks.

I then took the opportunity to shoot a little film, and compile some of the shots into a little 3 Min short.

When we got back to Pitlochery, the snow was still deep, but the roads were black and drivable, at least until the next morning, I woke to see the biggest snow flakes fluttering past the street light outside, and soon my car was completely buried, stuck again.

It is good to see a proper winter again, makes me wonder what all the media hype about global warming is really all about, that's for another day I suppose.

Looking forward to seeing the New Year in, all is good.

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