Wednesday, 8 December 2010

1 year old blog

Yip, time is plodding on and this is my first blog birthday coming up. And as you can see, the references to the films and pictures I took back in December 2009 have just as much snow in them as we have now.

The difference now is, that a hell of a lot has been achieved in this short space of time. I have gained 2 distributor's for my short film, and won a bunch of major international film festivals, including the Swansea Bay Best in Festival Award. 2 feature films that I have collaborated on are due to be released in 2011, and many short films and adverts that I have created are to be seen by audiences in the new year as well, I will publicise them when I get the green light. I have also managed to get one of my ads selected as a finalist in the Mofilm Advertising Competitions.

Also, had the privilege of having 'Shooter' broadcast to a world wide radio audience on Armistice Day, was a pretty amazing achievement, and with more radio programmes to be recorded in the near future, there will be plenty to talk about, and hopefully learn from.
With 'Shooter' also being recognised as a vehicle for help to recovery in the world of PTSD, here's hoping that it gets the audience that it deserves.

The outlook for lecturing is kind of bleak at the moment, still the odd sporadic burst of need for a talker once in a while, but nothing to bank on at the moment.

I would like to make a short film over the festive period, about my sister, and her world, just a short piece, giving us a glimpse into the life of a highly acclaimed horse breeder in the enigmatic highlands of Scotland, in the snow. Can't wait, here's hoping the roads open:)

There is a lot to reflect on for 2010, but rather than talk about it here, you can go back to January, on the right of this page, and start at the beginning.

More to come soon.

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