Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Making film

I never sicken of making film, it has always been in my blood, whether a stage play or writing short stories, shooting pictures with any old camera, to make stories.

Now I produce films with the technologies to hand, and yet, at this time in my life, I am even more driven to create things that people have never seen before.

Whether it is making films for local companies , or even local Government and Museums, Singers, Sirens and Silent Heores got to page 2, then click on Singers, Sirens and Silent Heroes, there are 20 short interviews that were all created by Ronnie B Goodwin in 2009.
In August 2010, I created a short piece with Philip Barlow, called the Scotland Week Estonia 2010, featuring Alex Salmond talking about the links between our now independent countries, you can see it here, the password is ronniebgoodwin no spaces, no capitals, OK.

I also created a short promo for Carman Fisheries, in exchange, I get to shoot my next project on the beautiful little loch. Goosh provided a quality short piece of music for the film. This is where I made 'Reflect', which has generated some interest from a producer who shall remain nameless.

'Reflect' was a short film I made one day sitting in a boat at Carman reservoir and Fishery, I had already created the intro for another project called 'Sometimes', and it is still on the table, just need to raise awareness and cash to make it happen. Other short wildlife sequences in the Reflect piece, were shot during the summer.

Documenting some of my families moments is also very important to me, so I filmed my sister and mother, with close friends at a couple of horse shows, just brief records of her amazing accomplishments. The Royal Highland Show and Strathallan Show.

And with the success of 'Shooter', and all the festival recognition, it is starting to bear fruits. With 4 screening next week at the Salem Film Festival, a radio broadcast at Heartland Radio on the 11th November, 3 exhibitions in the South and 2 distribution deals in the USA. I really cannot grumble.

You may be saying to yourself, that is a lot of self publicising you are doing Ronnie, and you are right And having access to the internet allows you to administer as much time as you can spend on publicity, use it wisely.

So, what am I saying in this post? If you really want to do it in you're business, then you have to get your finger out, and get on with it. It wont be over night, it wont be smooth, but you will have a lot of material that you can look back on, and say, I did that...

'Shooter' is available to view on request, email ronniegoodwin@hotmail.com and mention that you read my blog, thanks

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