Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Photography Lecture

On the 31st August, I had the pleasure of lecturing on Digital Photography and Photoshop at the Concord Centre, hosted by Tommy Crocket.

Meeting the photographers and talking about photography, working examples and having a giggle, it was a pleasure to be in amongst Tommy's crew of enthusiastic photographers.

Talking to Connor O'Gorman this evening about future plans, fingers crossed, and also wishing Basil Khalil and happy Birthday yesterday, Go Bas...

Footage for the Scottish Parliament project that I am working on for Philip Barlow, should be here tomorrow some time, then we can knock the project on the head for screening in Estonia on the 7th of September.

'Shooter' is screening at the Lochness Film Festival on Saturday the 25th September, competing against some hard hitting shorts and feature films. Looking forward to the event.

This morning I got a tweet from Shorts TV to say I had won, The Annecy Festival of Animation 5 DVD set, wooohoooo, how cool is that.

And finally, today I have to research a little about 'film in radio', as I have been asked to present the sound track for 'Shooter' on the Heartland FM radio show on the 11th November. I am sure that an entire film track has never been used on a radio programme before, so I need to do a little digging to find out if I have a first, if so, then it could be great for 'Shooter's publicity.

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