Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It's Been a While

Yes it has been a while since I last posted on my blog, and a lot has happen, some good and some bad.

So lets begin with Outlander, the amazing book series created by Diana Gabaldon and fronted by show runner Ronald D Moore, and not to mention the massive cast, crew and awesome talents of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.

My experience on the show began over a year ago, I play a horseman, no name, just a supporting actor, and it was an extraordinary ride. 
I was browsing the web way back when, and happened on an add on FB for bearded horse rider for a TV show, I ticked the like box and soon after I got a private email from Seoras Wallace of the Clan Wallace, he asked me if I still had a beard and do I still ride, 'Yes', a few days later I was at a horse riding audition in Cumbernauld. 2 or 3 auditions later, and we were at a fitting having whittled a bunch of riders down to 4. Roy Ramsay, Thomas Straw and Alan Torrance. This was where we all got to mingle and introduce each other.
The journey had begun, and it was to be epic in my lifetime, freezing cold days, a few warm ones, lots of rain and still we managed to have, on reflection, a great experience.

In the picture above you can see I don't have my long grey main on my baldy head, and soon after the above image was taken, I had a wig fitting, now that is a painful experience, nice n warn, but man it would pull on my short hairs, and of course after hitting low branches and wrestling, you can imagine the rest'

My horse is called George, he is a beast of an animal, and getting on him was always a task, especially when its 2am and the rain is real, very real. Trying to get your leg over a Portuguese saddle in the slippery cold wet, is almost embarrassing, there was one occasion when I was already mounted, and Roy had to get on the back and we were to ride out of frame in tandem, he climbed aboard and the girth slipped, yes we both ended up upside down, made the crew smile :)
You can see Roy's foot and leg behind me

There are plenty more stories that I can talk about, I will post the later.

We finished shooting in I think September, it was a one day shoot and the short piece was for Time Warner, the Director came up to me and said, take a look at this, he showed me the story board and said, this is what I need you to do, how exciting, it was my own face on the board, and quite well drawn too

so after the shoot was over, I headed home, a few weeks later I started to develop and nasty head ache, and my energy went out of the window, I stuck it out for another couple of weeks, then I finally had to go to the doctor, he told I had the flu, take these pills, so I did, getting worse, then I moved up to my Mums for a while, sweating, sleeping, loosing weight, sore body all over and these eye pressure head aches were just the worst. I went back to the doctors and asked to have my blood checked again, as I found a small lump in my groin, I figure I had broken the tic body off when washing at some point. So it was confirmed, I have Lyme Disease, a course would probably not help, but I did it anyway. I am almost 100% fit again, the odd sweaty night and  that was six months that I really don't want to remember,

So I will post more of my experiences shortly, I think this is enough for now
More stories below :)

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  1. Sorry to hear about the illness. It's very tough to live with. Thanks for the behind the scenes glimpse into your experiences with the show. Looking forward to another installment.

  2. Thanks for the insight to your experiences on Outlander, it was interesting to read :)
    So good to hear your health is better. Hope you continue on that path.
    Will you continue on Outlander or do they not need 'Highland horsemen' for season 2

    1. As far as I am aware, I will be back in the show, but details are only found out on the day, fingers crossed

  3. So glad that you are on the mend. It was awesome to see and hug you in Crieff. I can't wait to see what you get up to next!! Mandy