Sunday, 2 February 2014

'FLY a Legacy' is now available

'FLY a Legacy', was released on tour with the Fly Fishing Film Tour in 2012, it screened at 110 cinemas accross the United States, bringing memories of childhood experiences back to all the fly fishing audiences that viewed it, and at the end of that year, the little film qualified for the 2013 Oscars, it never made the short list, however I am the proudest man to have had that amazing experience.

Today I was informed that 'FLY a Legacy' is available to buy at Amazon and iTunes, and should you want to own a copy for your collection, here are the links

'FLY a Legacy' at Amazon

'FLY a Legacy' on iTunes

More updates and films to come in 2014

'Shooter' is also still working well, it is entered into the Sundance London film competition, and needs the support of all those following, you can register here
 Support Shooter at the Sundance London Film Competition

'KING' my one minute film featuring Paul Hunter, and also help from David Clements, is also doing very well, with 5 festival wins under it's wee belt already. and acceptance into the Sony PROduction awards, it is very exciting for the little film. To help vote for KING, please go here

Thanks to ShortsTV and all of you for the amazing support :)

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