Friday, 29 March 2013

looking forward

The last year has been very testing, full of little jewels of achievements for my films. I guess the only way I can explain it is 'a memorable trip, that I don't think I will ever experience again', however, the goals that I reached with them, are reachable, and I always think to myself,  'if I had a reasonable budget behind the next project, then maybe I could get that little bit further?. 
So this last few months have been focused on developing the new film 'Big Sky', script is drafted, a great Director of Photography has been found, all the assets for the film are in place, and a cunning plan to get a short version of the film seen, has been hatched. The poster is looking pretty good too

So now it is a bit of a waiting game, the weather broke long enough for Tom Dobbie, my DOP and friend, to go out into the wilds, and test the camera and his knowledge, I wrote a small script, and we set out to film the piece in as high a resolution as possible, testing both equipment and software. The short film we created is called 'Second Wind', and can be watched by clicking on the poster below

So even although a lot has happened, it is still looking bleak, this recession is making it very hard to make a living, lack of funding and even the film funders are reluctant to invest, truly sad days, and I wish they were over,,,that's all for now,,, looking forward.

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