Friday, 13 July 2012

Meeting Colin Salmon

There has been a lot of time past, since I wrote my last blog spot. However a lot of ground work has been covered, and a couple of opportunities that have germinated from seeds planted a long time ago.

About a month ago, I got a call from  my good friend Andy Isaac, we met 3 years ago at the Cannes Film Festival, when Shooter was screening. His call was strait to the point, can you be in Oban to record a short sequence for a friend of mine, his name is Colin Salmon, and he is doing some work to promote Cage Cricket at the sports centre in Oban, I said, I can be there with my kit and an umbrella:)

On arrival in Oban, I met up with Colin, he was sitting with a friend having a coffee, and as I introduced myself he stood up and towered above me, his awesome voice introduced himself, and all I could say was, Man, you are huge, and your voice is awesome:)))) he he, ice was broken and on with the film. Since then, he has kept in touch and given me great feedback on the short films that I have produced, with nothing but positive comments and praise, should you read this Colin, thanks for taking the time to feedback in such a positive way, makes everything worthwhile.

Click on Colin Salmon's picture to see his very impressive resume on IMDB, and be sure to look out for him in the new movie 'Resident Evil: Retribution'

This morning, I packaged and signed the contract for 'FLY a Legacy' sponsored by ORVIS  The little film will be in the care of Short International for the next 7 years. Thanks go out to Lesya Hearst, who wrote a terrific review on FLY a Legacy, read it here Eternity of Dreams film review site

I made a little film called KING, last November, designed to fit a series of festivals dedicated to 1 minute films. It was such a pleasure to make this little film with my good friend Paul Hunter, and David Clements was there to practice his still photography, great job to both of you, and congratulations, as KING is in Official Selection at the Aarau 1 Minute Film Festival in Switzerland, August 16th-19th 2012. Good job boys:)
Link to Aarau Festival Catalogue

Basil Khalil, a great friend, who I created 'Replay Revenge' with a few years ago, was up for a visit with his young brother, we had planned to shoot another short film during his visit, but our Scottish summer soon put an end to about 1 months planning, rain, rain, and more rain. And like I said once before, 'I love summer in Scotland, It is probably the best day of the year':)  

More to come soon...

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