Friday, 11 November 2011

A One Minute Movie

The International One Minute Film Festival, which is looking for submissions right now and into the new year.

I have written a short piece, which will involve my good friend Paul Hunter in full Robert the Bruce mode. The story came to me in the middle of the night durning my sleep, and as soon as I woke, I had to tell him my plan for the film.
So I took a quick trip to The Rest and Be thankful, and beautiful spot just North of Arrochar. I shot a few stills and set the project in concrete. 

We should be able to capture all the required scenes in a day, as we have 3 locations to visit, and I would like to capture all the brief shots in the same light.
There will be no music, just dialogue and ambient noise.
I have also been experimenting with a look for the short film, which will incorporate a technique which I developed a few years ago on a film called 'Children of the Mist', I must look it out and post.

This picture shot by David Clements, has the colour and soft tone to it that I am looking for, with rich blacks, and a slight blur. We used to picture to create the effect from this original.
Original on the top. The difference is very subtle.
After talking to Paul about the project, I took a picture from his Facebook profile, and did a quick edit, to create a poster and title for the project. The picture is HDR, and I am trying to create the footage to look as hard and detailed as this, as it is only a short piece, it shouldn't be to tiring on the eyes.
The Title is 'KING'

Meanwhile, 'FLY' is still doing very well, and 'FLY' a Legacy is looking and sounding good, very pleased with it.

Shooter is still generating interest, but for now, I am concentrating on new projects, generating sponsors and backers

I connected with David Eustace, after seeing his advert for the Linux G3, I found him on FB, and I dropped him a line, we are going to meet for a coffee around Christmas, and we shall see where this story goes.