Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Possible Futures Film Competition

On the 28th June 2011, two of my short films will be open for the public vote at the Possible Futures Film Competition.

I will be pushing a Facebook and Twitter campaign a couple of days before voting commences, and I hope that all the followers and friends of the films will do a little bit to help spread the word with shares, likes and re-tweets about the event, please also ask your friends to take part.

The two films taking part, are 'Orla the Golden Eagle' (in the Sustainability and Beyond section) and 'Shooter' (in the Peace and Freedom section)

Have a look at the site to familiarise yourself. If you hit the vote button, and Early Bird panel will pop up, the site will ask for your contact details and send you a reminder email when it is time to vote.

Thanks, in advance, for taking part :)