Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shooter's TV premier

Very proud to have managed to have my multi award winning short film 'Shooter' broadcast on Sky Super Shorts Channel 219. The broadcast was on the 18th April 2011, at 9.30pm with a repeat on the following Sunday.

Shooter was released on the 15th May 2009 at the Short Film Corner Cannes, you can see the video diary here
So the film to this date has not yet reached it's expected 2 year festival tour, I managed to rake up 27 festival Official selections, 2 jury nominations, 4 International wins and 1 Best in Festival accolade. On this blog you can read the very encouraging reviews that have been written about the film over the last 3 months, and to have it's first TV broadcast in the 2 years time scale is very exciting and a little daunting. Also looking forward to being interviewed by Claire Bueno of Premier Scene which means a little trip to London town in the next couple of months.

The learning curve that I have endured with this project has been very steep indeed, with no choice but to pursue the project to the end, with the lack of paying jobs and a very poor year due to the credit crunch, I still feel that it has been a very successful journey and would gladly live the experience again. However it is time to regroup and assess the future.

The second draft of the poster for my new film 'The Rape Fields' is ready for a look at. I wanted a plane look, with only 3 colours, with scope to expand.
With a Sci-fi movie, we expect to see explosions, space ships, monsters and planets, but with this I wanted to create something that is a more suggestive design, that is explained once you are immersed in the story of the movie.  More to come on this soon.
There is now a Contact Tab on this blog should you have any questions, please drop me a line


  1. The poster looks awesome! In fact, it caught my attention as I was looking through Facebook
    updates. And as you know, the images attached to links are very small there, but still I noticed it and clicked right away.

    Well done!

  2. Thanks Lesya, I have put a lot of thought into the poster for The Rape Fields, simple, 3 colours, but catch your eye, and this confirms for me, thanks for the feedback, all I need to do now, is raise the money:)