Sunday, 6 March 2011

How social media can make an instant change

Yesterday, whilst nursing a sniff and drinking a hot medicine for my streaming cold, a message came in on twitter, just on the normal stream, not to me personally, it read:

Casey Ryan
Going on air soon - which one of you fine people wants a free on air ? Polls are open..................NOW!

Ronnie B Goodwin
@ free promo eh, My film can be purchases here, and how it was made

@ Done! Promo for the Shooter.

Half an hour later, Casey Ryan was on air talking about 'Shooter'. You can hear the show here  Cutting Room
and a second plug on this link Cutting Room Sunday 6th March
So the power of Social Media is really starting to pay dividends, if you have a product that is specifically on line content and an opportunity comes along that can highlight your product to a wider audience then take it.
You never know where it may take you.

Another story about the power of social media,

David P Baker and Oklahoma Ward, have made an indie film makers pact. Through their meeting and developing friendship, using the Skype, Facebook and Twitter networking programmes, they have joined indie forces and are going to produce both their movies, together, yes, both separate movies, but made with each others resources, so David is going to go to the US to make his movie SCREEN, and work alongside Oklahoma on his movie CRAWL, the power of the social networking tools, magnificent
Meanwhile I have a cold and and I am  feeling sorry for myself:)


  1. That is interesting news, Social networking is definitely become indispensable these days for such subjects.
    It can lead to some really interesting encounters and opportunities that would never have presented themselves without social networking...

    Glad to hear of your successes (from your previous posts as well), you deserve them!

  2. Thanks Jack, I will be posting details on the broadcast very soon, and news on the development of my new film, keep up the good work