Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Finally I have started to tweet, lets see if it bears any fruits.

Very excited about the release of 'Shooter' my wee multi award winning short film, it is available on the 3rd of August from Indieflix

This week we heard that UK Film Council is over, yes it is sad, but, maybe now we will see some creativity in the film industry, and maybe even some films that will not have to tick boxes and be socially acceptable, lets see some escapism, which is what I think film is all about.

I had no help with making my film, all I could do was find the time to produce it, and after several knock backs from Film Councils, I felt like I had wasted so much time trying to get financial help. Meanwhile it has been officially selected at 21 festivals and won 4, with one Best in Festival Accolade.

On the films first trip overseas to Palm Springs Shorts Festival, I was propositioned by 2 distribution companies, and 1 year later, and true to there word, I now have contracts.

What I am saying is, even if the purse holders don't like your film, still try your best to go and make it, as it may just do something.

More to come soon

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