Saturday, 8 May 2010

Shooter is listed on the World News Web Site

Great news, doing a browse this morning to find that Shooter is listed on the World News Web Site HERE It is a little daunting to see your work in amongst such amazing award winning shorts.

Also just returned from a 4 day sabbatical in Arbroath, where I relaxed and also took some time to teach digital photography and editing, made an advert, and shot a short documentary. I also had the pleasure of meeting some of Chris Fry's students, a great bunch, and wonderfully talented people.

This morning I was trying to capture a wild trout being caught on the fly. It was at the Carman reservoir, nice and early, but not a chance, will try again during the week.

So tomorrow the Swansea Bay Film Festival opens with Michael Sheen at the helm, I am hitting the road on Friday early with Paul Hunter, for the long drive down to Wales, then its fingers crossed and do a little net working. can't wait...

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